Financial Literacy Education Experience (FLEX)

Apex Bank understands the importance of financial education for all ages and stages of life! We want to help our communities expand their financial knowledge and make well-informed decisions through financial education.

Through the FDIC Money Smart Program, we offer a wide range of online resources for students and adults. Apex Bank customers can earn incentives for completing assignments.

– Become an Apex Bank customer and you qualify for these FLEX incentives with successful completion of assigned Money Smart modules.
– Need a mortgage or consumer loan? Qualify for loan fee reductions for consumer mortgage loans. Does not apply to a secondary market loan.
– Struggling to manage money and avoid overdrafts? You can qualify for overdraft fee refunds. Limits Apply.

When your school partners with Apex Bank through our @School program, students are entered in drawings for an iPad with the successful completion of each Apex assigned learning unit.

When your company partners with Apex Bank through our @Work program, employees can qualify for the Apex Customer FLEX Incentives.

Computer Based Instruction

The Money Smart Computer-Based Instruction provides financial education for students and adults. How Money Smart Are You? is a suite of 14 games and related resources about everyday financial topics. It’s based on FDIC’s award-winning Money Smart program.



Looking for a new podcast? Check out these ‘Financial Education Podcasts’ from the FDIC!

The Podcasts cover some important information about:

    • The basics of protecting your money and financial information and to help you choose the best types of accounts and protect your personal identity.
    • Learning how to choose, open, and manage an account. Understand common banking fees, how to deposit money, write checks, use a debit card, and balance your checkbook.
    • Tips on finding ways to save, making a personal spending plan, and tracking what you spend and potential benefits from direct deposit and tips to save for retirement.
    • Understanding the costs of borrowing and how to qualify for credit or a loan and tips to choose a loan or credit card.


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